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FastBit Users Guide

This package implements a number of different bitmap indexes compressed with Word-Aligned Hybrid code. These indexes differ in their bitmap encoding methods and binning options. The basic bitmap index compressed with WAH has been shown to answer one-dimensional queries in time that is proportional to the number of hits in theory. In a number of performance measurements, WAH compressed indexes were found to be much more efficient than other indexes [CIKM 2001] [SSDBM 2002] [DOLAP 2002]. One of the crucial step in achieving these efficiency is to be able to perform bitwise OR operations on a large compressed bitmaps efficiently without decompression [VLDB 2004]. Numerous other bitmap encodings and binning strategies are implemented in this software package, please refer to indexSpec.html for descriptions on how to access these indexes and refer to our publications for extensive studies on these methods. FastBit was primarily developed to test these techniques for improving compressed bitmap indexes. Even though, it has grown to include a small number other useful data analysis functions, its primary strength is still in having a diversity of efficient compressed bitmap indexes.

Pages in This Directory

Here is a brief outline of documents available in this directory.
1 quickstart.html
The page quickstart.html contains a set of brief intructions for a number of tasks. This is a good starting point if you are unfamiliar with FastBit software. It also has pointers to other documents for finding more information about each task.
2 dataLoading.html
The page dataLoading.html describes the structure of FastBit data organization in detail. It also explains how to combine smaller datasets into larger ones for better query performance. Two sets of sample data are available on line along with some instructions on how to use them.
3 ibisCommandLine.html
The page ibisCommandLine.html describes the options of ibis command line tool. This is a useful command line tool for users who don't wish to write their own program to use FastBit indexing functions.
4 indexSpec.html
The page indexSpec.html describes the index specification string and how to alter the indexes built by FastBit functions. It also contains a set of recommendations on what options to use given certain data and query work loads.
5 FastBit Reference Guide
This is a comprehensive reference guide of all classes and functions of FastBit. It is generated by Doxygen. To generate it from the current version of source code, execute make docs from the top level directory of the source code.

Please join the FastBit mailing list to post your questions and share your experience. The mailing list is also archived on line.

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