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FastBit Software Download

FastBit software is distributed under the LGPL license. The compressed source tar balls are available for free download.

The current source code is on Please following this link if you are not redirected automatically.

NOTE: The site has a ssl certificate that is issued by itself, your web browser might complain about this. You can trust this certificate, or alternatively download the source tar ball from

NOTE: The lastest snapshot of FastBit software is only available from

If you find FastBit useful, we kindly request that you

  1. subscribe to the FastBit mailing list (by visiting this list info page or email to [email protected] with "subscribe" in the subject),
  2. post your experiences, opinions and stories (by sending email to [email protected]),
  3. and, share with us any improvement you have made to the code.

Information about recent changes can be found either on-line or in file NEWS in the source directory.