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Sample Datasets from STAR Experiment


Sample data with usage examples

Here are two sets of sample data from a high-energy experiment called STAR. The first dataset named star2000 was used in a number of earlier performance measurements involving FastBit, e.g., CIKM 2001 and SSDBM 2002. The second dataset named star2002 is larger. It contains more rows and more columns.

This page also contains a few examples of using star2000 and using star2002. More general instructions are in dataLoading.html.

name description binary CSV
star2000 12 columns, 2173762 rows star2000.tgz.bz2 star2000.csv.gz
star2002 16 columns, 15857625 rows   all 15857625 rows in one CSV file;
in three separate parts (part 1, part 2, part 3)


Using star2000

Using star2002


The datasets star2000 and star2002 are extracted from a much larger data set produced by the STAR experiment. We acknowledge the extensive help received from Jerome Lauret, Wei-ming Zhang and their colleagues. If you use this data set, please acknowledge the funding support and operational support for STAR.

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