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index.h File Reference

Definition of the common functions of an index. More...

#include "qExpr.h"
#include "bitvector.h"
#include <string>
#include <limits>

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class  ibis::index
 The base index class. More...
class  ibis::index::barrel
 A specialization that adds function setValue. More...
class  ibis::index::bitmapReader
 A simple container to hold the function pointer given by user for reading the serialized bitmaps. More...


 The current implementation of FastBit is code named IBIS; most data structures and functions are in the name space ibis.

Detailed Description

Definition of the common functions of an index.

The index class is a pure virtual base class with a static create function and a few virtual functions that provide common functionality.

An index is built for each individual column (ibis::column) of a data table. The primary function of the index is to compute the solution or an estimation (as a pair of upper and lower bounds) for a range query. It needs to be generated and updated as necessary. The simplest way of generating an index is to build one from a file containing the binary values of a column. An index can only be updated for new records appended to the data table. Any other form of update, such as removal of some records, change some existing records can only be updated by removing the existing index then recreate the index.

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