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table.h File Reference

FastBit Table Interface. More...

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "const.h"

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class  ibis::table
 The abstract table class. More...
class  ibis::table::cursor
 Cursor class for row-wise data accesses. More...
struct  ibis::table::row
 A simple struct for storing a row of a table. More...
class  ibis::tableList
 A list of tables. More...
class  ibis::tablex
 The class for expandable tables. More...


 The current implementation of FastBit is code named IBIS; most data structures and functions are in the name space ibis.


enum  ibis::TYPE_T {
  ibis::UNKNOWN_TYPE =0, ibis::OID, BYTE, ibis::UBYTE,
  ibis::SHORT, ibis::USHORT, ibis::INT, ibis::UINT,
  ibis::LONG, ibis::ULONG, ibis::FLOAT, ibis::DOUBLE,
  ibis::BIT, ibis::CATEGORY, ibis::TEXT, ibis::BLOB,
 Supported data types. More...


const char ** ibis::TYPESTRING = _ibis_TYPESTRING_local
 Human readable version of the enumeration types.

Detailed Description

FastBit Table Interface.

This is a facade to provide a high-level view of operations on relational tables. Two main classes are defined here, table and tablex. The class table is for read-only data and it provides mostly querying functions. The class tablex is for users to add new records to a table and it does not support any querying operations.

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