FastBit: Interactively Searching Massive Data

Kesheng Wu, Sean Ahern, E. Wes Bethel, Jacqueline Chen, Hank Childs, Estelle Cormier-Michel, Cameron Geddes, Junmin Gu, Hans Hagen, Bernd Hamann, Wendy Koegler, Jerome Lauret, Jeremy Meredith, Peter Messmer, Ekow Otoo, Victor Perevoztchikov, Arthur Poskanzer, Prabhat, Oliver Rubel, Arie Shoshani, Alexander Sim, Kurt Stockinger, Gunther Weber, Wei-Ming Zhang


As scientific instruments and computer simulations produce more and more data, the task of locating the essential information to gain insight becomes increasingly difficult. FastBit is an efficient software tool to address this challenge. In this article, we present a summary of the key underlying technologies, namely bitmap compression, encoding, and binning. Together these techniques enable FastBit to answer structured (SQL) queries orders of magnitude faster than popular database systems. To illustrate how FastBit is used in applications, we present three examples involving a high-energy physics experiment, a combustion simulation, and an accelerator simulation. In each case, FastBit significantly reduces the response time and enables interactive exploration on terabytes of data.

full text of the report (PDF)

In Proceedings of SciDAC 2009

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