BeStMan SRM-Client Tools User's Guide: Configuration and Notes


  • Change directory to the installed bestman-client/setup, and run configure with options.
  • Minimum options is --enable-clientonly when other options use default values. configure --help to see options with default values.
  • Upon successful running of configure, bestman-client/bin would be created with all necessary client commands.

Sample Configuration options

These below examples with the same configuration may not work for your environment. For each option, choose the value that fits your environment.

  • Typical case where default values are used,
   % configure  --enable-clientonly

  • From the above value example,
   % configure \
   --enable-clientonly \

  • When CA certificate directory is not in usual place (/etc/grid-security/certificates),
   % configure \
   --enable-clientonly \
   --with-cacert-path=/opt/osg/security/certificates \

  • An example with an external globus location when available,
   % configure \
   --enable-clientonly \
   --with-globus-tcp-port-range=62001,62999 \

Configure options

Upon successful configuration, bestman srm client tools would be created in bestman-client/bin.

Required options

---enable-clientonly Installation for SRM clients only (default=no).

Other options

--enable-backup Enable backup before running a new configuration if there is a previous configuration (default=no)
--enable-verbose Print output to the standard output during the configuration
--with-cacert-path=<PATH> Specify the Grid CA Certificate directory path (default=/etc/grid-security/certificates)
--with-java-home=<PATH> Specify the JAVA_HOME directory
--with-globus-location=<PATH> Specify the GLOBUS_LOCATION path
--with-globus-tcp-port-range=<VALUES> Specify the GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE when firewall is enabled. E.g. 62001,62999
--with-max-java-heap=<INT> Specify the max java heap size in MB (default=1024)
--with-srm-home=<PATH> Installation path for BeStMan SRM-Client Tools. If not given, it will be guessed based on the current working directory.

Configuration file

  • BeStMan SRM client tools may use client configuration file to define default values for some command line options when the client configuration file is manually created.
  • Client configuration file is from bestman-client/conf/srmclient.conf or from a desginated path as an option -conf to srm client commands.
  • When a parameter is defined in the client configuration file, the corresponding values may not be provided in the command line. This is particularly useful when repeated commands are used.
    • e.g. If SRM service port number and service handle is defined in the client configuration file as
    • Then, SURL can be srm://
  • When the same parameter is provided in the command line with a different value, the command line value takes priority than one in the client configuration file.
  • A sample client configuration file is in bestman-client/conf directory.
  • Each entry in the configuration file has the following meaning.

Related to the SRM server connection control
  • Defines the default SRM service port number
e.g. ServicePortNumber=8443
  • Defines the default SRM service handle
e.g. ServiceHandle=/srm/v2/server
  • Defines the default SRM service endpoint
e.g. ServiceURL=srm://

  • e.g. When the full SURL is srm://, it becomes srm:// when ServicePortNumber and ServuceHandle are defined.
  • e.g. A client command “srm-ls srm://” can be “srm-ls srm://” when ServicePortNumber and ServiceHandle are defined.
  • e.g. A client command “srm-ping srm://” can be “srm-ping” when ServiceURL is defined.

Related to the client file transfers
  • Defines the default GridFTP buffer size
  • Default=1048576
e.g. BufferSize=1048576
  • Defines the default number parallel streams for GridFTP transfers
  • Default=1
e.g. Parallelism=2
  • Defines the default DCAU setting
  • Default=true
e.g. dcau=false
  • Defines the default number of retries of file transfers when failed
e.g. NumRetry=5
  • Defines the default number of seconds to sleep aftger a file transfer failure before next file transfer try
e.g. RetryDelay=120

  • Equivalent command line options are -buffersize, -parallelism, -dcau, -numretry and –retrydelay respectively.

Related to the request status check
  • Defines the default waiting time in seconds between checking status of a request
e.g. StatusWaitTime=120
  • Defines the default timeout in seconds for checking status of a request
e.g. StatusMaxTime=600

  • Equivalent command line options are -statuswaittime and -statusmaxtime respectively.

Related to the space token
  • Defines the default space token to be used for all file requests
e.g. SpaceToken=ATLASUSERDISK1

Related to the user GSI settings
  • Defines the default user proxy path
e.g. ProxyFile=/tmp/x509up_u1234
  • Defines the default user certificate path
e.g. UserCert=/home/users/mylogin/.globus/usercert.pem
  • Defines the default user certificate key path
e.g. UserKey=/home/users/mylogin/.globus/userkey.pem

  • When UserCert and UserKey are defined, user grid passphrase will be prompted on each request.
  • When ProxyFile and UserCert/UserKey are defined, ProxyFile takes priority.
  • Equivalent command line options are -proxyfile, -usercert and -userkey respectively.

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