Title: [PN08] Efficient Management of Complex Striped Files in Active Storage
Year: 2008
Location: Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par 2008), pages 676-685, August, 2008
Author(s): Juan Piernas and Jarek Nieplocha
Publication Type:Regular Publication
Abstract. Active Storage provides an opportunity for reducing the bandwidth requirements between the storage and compute elements of current supercomputing systems, and leveraging the processing power of the storage nodes used by some modern file systems. To achieve both objectives, Active Storage allows certain processing tasks to be performed directly on the storage nodes, near the data they manage. However, Active Storage must also support key requirements of scientific applications. In particular, Active Storage must be able to support striped files and files with complex formats (e.g., netCDF). In this paper, we describe how these important requirements can be addressed. The experimental results on a Lustre file system not only show that our proposal can reduce the network traffic to near zero and scale the performance with the number of storage nodes, but also that it provides an efficient treatment of striped files and can manage files with complex data structures.


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