Title: [NV08] A Model for Sharing of Con dential Provenance Information in a Query Based System
Year: 2008
Location: High Performance and Applications Conference, Oak Ridge, TN, April 11-12, 2008
Author(s): Meiyappan Nagappan and Mladen Vouk
Publication Type:Regular Publication
Abstract Workflow management systems are increasingly being used to automate scientific discovery. Provenance meta-data is collected about workflows, processes, simulations and data to add value. This meta-data and provenance information may have as much value as the raw data. Typically, sensitive information produced by a computational processes or experiments is well guarded. However, this may not necessarily be true when it comes to provenance information. The issue is how to appropriately share confidential provenance information. We present a model for sharing provenance information when the cofidentiality level is dynamically decided by the user. The key characteristic of this model is the Query Sharing concept. We illustrate the model for workflows implemented using provenance enabled Kepler system.


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