SDM Center All-Hands Meeting Agenda

November 28-30, 2007

Talks for 1st day – Wednesday, 11/28/07

The first day includes presentations by SDM center members with emphasis on progress in applying SDM center technology in various application projects, advancement towards production use, and new technology advancements. The first talk is invited to get familiar with CEDPS center technologies. The next 1.5 days was dedicated to six min-workshops, described below.

Session 1 (8:30 – 10:30)

  • The CEDPS center – an overview (Brian Tierney and Ann Chervenak) PPT1 , PPT2

  • Retrieving objects from toriodal mesh data using Fastbit technology (John Wu) PPT

  • Feature Extraction and Tracking Technology Applied to Identify Fusion Plasma Behavior (Chandrika Kamath) PDF

  • Parallel Access of Dense Extendible Arrays (Ekow Otoo, Doron Rotem) PDF

Session 2 (11:00 – 12:30)

  • Active Storage and it applications (Jarek Nieplocha, Juan Piernas-Canovas) PPT

  • PVFS at 100TF (Sam Lang, Rob Ross, et al) PDF

  • Performance Evaluation of Application I/O Kernels Using MPI Collective I/O and Caching (Wei-keng Liao, Alok Choudhary) PDF

  • Improving Parallel I/O for Scientific applications on Jaguar (Weikuan Yu, et al) PDF

Session 3 (1:30 – 3:30)

  • Parallel-NetCDF and CCSM (Rob Latham, et al) PDF

  • SRM-Lite: overcoming the firewall barrier for data movement (Arie Shoshani, et al) PPT

  • Using Kepler to enable large-scale homology searches (Daniel Crawl, Terence Critchlow) PPT

  • Using Kepler to perform parameter studies in groundwater (Jared Chase, et al) PPT

Session 4 (4:00 – 5:30)

  • Analysis and visualization through web and workflows with application to Fusion projects (Steve Parker, et al)

  • Workflow and dashboard integration into the CPES and other fusion projects (Scott Klasky, et al)

Mini-workshops Schedule and content

Purpose of mini-workshops: 1) to focus on specific topics of scientific data management needs in several application domains and identifying and delineating tasks to be performed jointly in the short run; 2) to identify joint tasks in collaboration with other SciDAC centers and institutions.

We planned on 6 sessions, 3 with application domains, and 3 with other centers/institutions.

Thursday Morning (parallel sessions)

o UltraVis-SDM mini-workshop

o Fusion-SDM mini-workshop

Thursday Afternoon (parallel sessions)

o VACET-SDM mini-workshop

o Climate-SDM mini-workshop

Friday Morning (parallel sessions)

o PDSI-SDM mini-workshop

o Groundwater and Kepler mini-workshop

Thursday Morning

UltraVis-SDM mini-workshop

Date: Thursday morning, 11/29/07, 9:00-12:30

Title: Interactive Volume Rendering on Petascale Systems (with Ultravis Institute)
Lead: Rob Ross
Task: Discuss next steps in enabling interactive volume rendering on petascale systems, focusing on data organization and parallel I/O. Perform detailed walk-through of I/O path on BlueGene/P system, discussing how best to schedule I/O and how best to partition data in the system. Gain an understanding of how multi-resolution data might change the approach.
Ultravis Attendees: Hongfeng Yu, Tom Peterka
SDM essential attendees: Rob Ross, Rob Latham

Mini-workshop notes and conclusions: click here summary(DOC)

Fusion-SDM mini-workshop

Date: Thursday morning, 11/29/07, 9:00-12:30

Title: Challenges for fusion simulations

Lead: Scott Klasky

Applications: Fusion simulation

Task: Discuss new challenges, including adaptive workflows, linking more provenance information of code coupling into the provenance tracking, data streaming mixed into the workflow, and dashboard changes for more analysis integrated into the dashboard.

Fusion Attendees: Seunghoe Ku, Stephane Ethier (tentative)

SDM essential attendees: SPA team members, Arie, SEA team representative

Mini-workshop notes and conclusions: click here summary(PPT)

Thursday Afternoon

VACET-SDM mini-workshop

Date: Thursday afternoon, 11/29/07, 2:00-5:30

VACET Attendees: Wes Bethel, Hank Childs, Prabhat

Lead: Wes Bethel

Title: VisIt and Data Search/Query Interface

Applications: Accelerator Design, and Fusion (GTC)

Task: Identify the API for VisIt to use when calling HDF5-Fastbit. Discuss performance expectations, and taking advantage of parallel platforms.

SDM essential attendees: John Wu, Ekow Otoo, Chandrika

Mini-workshop notes and conclusions: click here summary(DOC), Childs-talk(PPT)

Climate-SDM mini-workshop

Date: Thursday afternoon, 11/29/07, 2:00-5:30

Title: Server-side workflow support

Lead: Arie Shoshani

Applications: climate simulation (which one?), ESG

Task: Evaluation of different models is planned to be realized in a systematic way by ESG and John Drake's SciDAC teams. The discussion will focus on identification of evaluation procedures that are common across the models and/or specific to a model; identification of analysis pipelines to be developed as part of the evaluation procedure; making sure that analysis procedures developed across different groups will be integrated into the ESG infrastructure; what format the analysis results should be stored for future reuse; what infrastructure the analysis should run and how the data management aspects of data analysis will be addressed.

Climate Attendees: Marcia Branstetter, Dean Williams, Don Middleton

SDM essential attendees: Nagiza, Guru, John Wu, Arie, SPA team

Mini-workshop notes and conclusions: click here summary(PPT)

Friday Morning

PDSI-SDM mini-workshop

Date: Friday morning, 11/30/07, 9:00-12:30

Title: Advanced, Structured Data Storage for Computational Science Simulations (with PDSI)
Lead: Rob Ross
Task: Map out organization of structured datasets into FS objects, taking into account common storage habits and access patterns of applications. Discuss how these objects might be made visible by the file system (e.g. as a directory hierarchy). Outline a high-level I/O API that would leverage this approach.
PDSI Attendees: Garth Gibson, <graduate student>
SDM essential attendees: Rob Ross, Rob Latham, Alok Choudhary, Wei-Keng Liao

Mini-workshop notes and conclusions: click here summary(DOC), Ross-talk(PDF), Gibson-talk(PDF)

Groundwater and Kepler mini-workshop

Date: Friday morning, 11/30/07, 9:00-12:30

Applications: Groundwater

Lead: Terence Critchlow

Task: The purpose of this breakout session is twofold. First, we will work through existing bottlenecks and problems encountered using Kepler in the groundwater application (e.g. inability to execute multiple instances of Kepler concurrently from same user account) including detailed plans for overcoming these problems. Then we will delve into detailed design discussions in the areas of enhanced job launching, enhanced job monitoring, and provenance to identify areas of potential technical collaborations.

Application Attendees: Karen Schuchardt, Jared Chase

SDM essential attendees: SPA team

Mini-workshop notes and conclusions: click here summary(DOC)

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