All Hands Meeting
March 26-27, 2002
Gatlingburg, TN

Day 1, March 26

Introduction and opening remarks
Arie Shoshani
Comments by DOE Program Manager
John Van Rosendale
Astrophysics Perspective
Tony Mezzacappa, ORNL Climate Perspective
John Drake, ORNL, Data Requirements for Climate and Carbon Research
HEP Perspective
Doug Olson, LBNL, Scientific Data Management:An Incomplete Experimental HENP Perspective
Biology Perspective
Dave Nelson, LLNL, Managing and Exploiting “Post-Genomics Era” Data
Putting software into production
Randy Burris, ORNL, Deployment, Deployment, Deployment

Reports from projects

(P1) Heterogeneous Data Access
Area Leader: Terence Critchlow
- Supporting Heterogeneous Data Access in Genomics
Presenter: Terence Critchlow

-Context-sensitive Service Composition for Support of Scientific Workflows
Presenter: Mladen A. Vouk
-XWRAPComposer: A wrapper generation system for Integrating Bioinformatics Data Sources
Presenter: Ling Liu
- Constructing Workflows by Integrating Interactive Information Sources
Presenters: Amarnath Gupta & Ilkay Altintas

P2) Data Mining and Access Pattern Discovery
Area Leader: Nagiza Samatova
- ASPECT: Adaptable Simulation Product Exploration and Control Toolkit
presenter: Nagiza Samatova
- Dimension Reduction and Sampling
presenter: Imola Fodor
- Discovery of Access Patterns to Scientific Simulation Data
presenter: Ghaleb Abdulla

(P3) Efficient Access from Large Datasets
area Leader: Arie Shoshani
- Supporting Ad-hoc Data Exploration for Large Scientific Databases
presenter: Arie Shoshani
- Efficient Bitmap Indexing Techniques for Very Large Datasets
presenter: John Wu
- Shared Disk File Caching Taking into Account Delays in Space Reservations
Transfer, and processing

presenter: Ekow Otoo
- Optimizing Shared Access to Tertiary Storage
presenter: Randy Burris
(P4) Parallel Disk Access & Grid-IO
Area Leaders: Bill Gropp and Alok Choudhary
- Parallel and Grid I/O Infrastructure
presenter: Rob Ross
- Enabling High Performance Application I/O
presenter: Wei-keng Liao

Day 2, March 27

Project Breakout meetings

  • Specific technical goals in next half year
  • SDM-ISIC people involved
  • Application people involved
  • Estimated schedule
  • Longer term projections (2-3 years)
  • Identify potential new applications – future focus
Reports from breakout meeting:
(P1) Heterogeneous Data Access
(P2) Data Mining and Access Pattern Discovery
(P3) Efficient Access from Large Datasets
(P4) Parallel Disk Access & Grid-IO
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