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Eric Brugger (LLNL)


  • BOUT++ is a framework for writing fluid  / plasma simulations in curvilinear geometry
  • Provide a visualization capability for BOUT++ data beyond visualizing it as simple 2- and 3-dimensional arrays
  • Want to be able to look at the data as it would appear in the physical world
Fluid / Plasma simulation


  • They are now able to visualize their data as it appears in the physical world using a fully functional visualization and analysis tool.
  • The are now able to verify that the complex behavior of the field lines is correct
  • They are now able to effectively explore the time dependent behavior of their data


  • Implemented a VisIt reader that understands the BOUT++ NETCDF conventions
  • Deployed in VisIt 2.7
  • Gave a tutorial on using VisIt to visualize BOUT++ data at the BOUT++ 2013 workshop