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Tom Peterka, ANL

Main Ideas and Objectives

  • Decouple analysis technique (user) from data-intensive parallelism (DIY)
  • Enable large-scale data-parallel analysis (visual and numerical) on all HPC machines (IBM & Cray leadership machines)
  • Provide internode scalable data movement
  • For scientists, visualization researchers, tool builders
  • For in situ, coprocessing, postprocessing


  • Parallel I/O to/from storage
  • Domain decomposition
  • Network communication
  • Written in C++, with C-style  bindings, can be called from Fortran, C, C++
  • Autoconf build system
  • Lightweight: libdiy.a 800KB
  • Maintainable: ~15K LOC
  • MPI + openmp hybrid parallel model


  • Researchers can focus on their own work, not on parallel infrastructure
  • Analysis applications can be custom
  • Reuse core components and algorithms for performance and productivity

DIY usage and library organizationDIY usage and library organization



Particle tracing in thermal hydraulics


Information entropy in astrophysics


Topology in combustion


Computational geometry in cosmology