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BeStMan SRM-Client Tools User's Guide: Configuration and Notes


Sample Configuration options

These below examples with the same configuration may not work for your environment. For each option, choose the value that fits your environment.

   % configure  --enable-clientonly
   % configure \
   --enable-clientonly \
   % configure \
   --enable-clientonly \
   --with-cacert-path=/opt/osg/security/certificates \
   % configure \
   --enable-clientonly \
   --with-globus-tcp-port-range=62001,62999 \

Configure options

Upon successful configuration, bestman srm client tools would be created in bestman-client/bin.

Required options

---enable-clientonly Installation for SRM clients only (default=no).

Other options

--enable-backup Enable backup before running a new configuration if there is a previous configuration (default=no)
--enable-verbose Print output to the standard output during the configuration
--with-cacert-path=<PATH> Specify the Grid CA Certificate directory path (default=/etc/grid-security/certificates)
--with-java-home=<PATH> Specify the JAVA_HOME directory
--with-globus-location=<PATH> Specify the GLOBUS_LOCATION path
--with-globus-tcp-port-range=<VALUES> Specify the GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE when firewall is enabled. E.g. 62001,62999
--with-max-java-heap=<INT> Specify the max java heap size in MB (default=1024)
--with-srm-home=<PATH> Installation path for BeStMan SRM-Client Tools. If not given, it will be guessed based on the current working directory.

Configuration file


Related to the SRM server connection control

ServicePortNumber ^ e.g. ServicePortNumber=8443 ServiceHandle ^ e.g. ServiceHandle=/srm/v2/server ServiceURL ^ e.g. ServiceURL=srm://

Related to the client file transfers

BufferSize ^ e.g. BufferSize=1048576 Parallelism ^ e.g. Parallelism=2 dcau ^ e.g. dcau=false NumRetry ^ e.g. NumRetry=5 RetryDelay ^ e.g. RetryDelay=120

Related to the request status check

StatusWaitTime ^ e.g. StatusWaitTime=120 StatusMaxTime ^ e.g. StatusMaxTime=600

Related to the space token

SpaceToken ^ e.g. SpaceToken=ATLASUSERDISK1

Related to the user GSI settings

ProxyFile ^ e.g. ProxyFile=/tmp/x509up_u1234 UserCert ^ e.g. UserCert=/home/users/mylogin/.globus/usercert.pem UserKey ^ e.g. UserKey=/home/users/mylogin/.globus/userkey.pem