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Running BeStMan2 server

Running BeStMan2 server manually

From the bestman2 installation directory, run sbin/bestman.server.

SXXbestman.personal may be used for testing purpose only that it saves all screen outputs to /tmp/bestman-.log. SXXbestman.personal has four options: start, stop, check and checkjava.

Running BeStMan2 server from VDT installation

From the bestman2 installation directory (bestman2/sbin/SXXbestman), VDT-control will run BeStMan2 server process under daemon by default.

Running BeStMan2 server under root or installing as a startup process

As root, make a link or a copy of bestman2/sbin/SXXbestman in /etc/rc3.d as S97bestman.

SXXbestman has three options: start, stop and check.

SXXbestman has the BeStMan2 server process owner login embedded. By default, “root” will be used.
If --with-srm-owner were defined during the configuration, the specific login will be used.
If a modification is needed later, edit bestman2/sbin/SXXbestman, and modify for SRM_OWNER.