ICEE project on NSTX experimental data - first demonstrated at Supercomputing 2014
Wide-area In Transit Data Processing Framework For Near Real-Time Scientific Applications
slides and one page brochure

ICEE Live App for iOS 10.3.x (1,122,650,610 bytes) 5/16/2017
ICEE Live App for iOS 9.3.1 (1,122,685,766 bytes) 5/11/2016
ICEE Live App for iOS 9.1 (1,122,674,170 bytes) 12/2/2015
ICEE Live App for iOS 8.1 (1,122,694,925 bytes) 12/1/2014 (It should be running ok on iOS 9.0, but not on 9.1.)
ICEE Live connects to remote WAN server. ICEE iOS 10.3 app have been tested on iPAD Air, iPAD Air 2, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7 plus, and simulators of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5.
    Installation instruction
  1. Download above link, and copy the ICEELive_20170516.ipa file in Finder to "~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media/Mobile\ Applications/" directory (This directory is for Mac. For Windows, skip this part.)
  2. Open iTunes applicatipon program.
  3. Open App section
  4. Drag and drop ICEELive_20170516.ipa into the App section.
  5. Connect your iPad or iPhone.
  6. Once your iTunes program recognizes your device, go to App section of your device.
  7. Find the ICEE Live in the list of your Apps (on the left hand side).
  8. Click "install" button. It'll change it to "Will install".
  9. Click "Apply" or "Sync". It will take a while until full installation with the size of the app.
  10. You can disconnect your device after the installation.
  11. Your device should show ICEE as an icon in the first screenshots.
  12. Once you click it to run for the first time, it will say it has a problem with the certificate. Go to Settings on your device, click General, and go to Profiles. There will be "Lawrence Berkeley (ENT)" to "Trust". Click on the Trust button. Refer to "Install custom enterprise apps on iOS" from Apple
  13. Once you click it, you're ready to use the ICEE Live app.
  14. It'll open the main screen, as shown in subsequent screenshots.
Special operational instructions for ICEE Live app during SC'14
ICEE Live has two pages: one for the "Cached" page with all the functions of the other ICEEapp, and another for the "Live" page. ICEE Live only connects to for SC14.
If you have nstx_writer and nstx_viz running on some hosts, ICEE Live will connect to the host.
You can choose 1, 2, 4 or 9 ports depending on the server-side setup, and the port numbers are preconfigured. The progress will be displayed in the text box on the right corner. There is a STOP button in case you need stop in the middle of a remote run. During SC14, this has to be a coordinated operation with the servers which is managed by ORNL.

Movie output from nstx_norm,
  1. 100 fps, 3x3 (1,569,508 bytes)
  2. 100 fps, 1x9 (3,118,837 bytes)
  3. 100 fps, 3x3 (1,647,520 bytes)
  4. 20 fps, 3x3 (10,786,290 bytes)
  5. 20 fps, 1x9 (20,013,857 bytes)
  6. 20 fps, 3x3 (12,447,593 bytes)

Movie output from nstx_writer,
  1. 100 fps, 3x3 (81,642,301 bytes)
  2. 100 fps, 3x3, chunk (81,642,301 bytes)
  3. 20 fps, 3x3 (144,310,465 bytes)
  4. 20 fps, 3x3, chunk (144,310,465 bytes)

Movie output from nstx_viz,
  1. 100 fps, 3x3 (62,103,818 bytes)
  2. 100 fps, 3x3, chunk (23,506,267 bytes)
  3. 20 fps, 3x3 (112,355,259 bytes)
  4. 20 fps, 3x3, chunk (44,403,592 bytes)

Movie output from nstx_mon,
  1. 1 fps, 3x3 (289,367 bytes)
  2. 1 fps, 3x3, chunk (289,367 bytes)
  3. 0.5 fps, 3x3 (289,367 bytes)
  4. 0.2 fps, 3x3, chunk (289,367 bytes)

Combined movie (norm, writer, viz and mon),
  1. 100 fps, 4x9 (70,996,400 bytes)
  2. 100 fps, 4X9, chunk (50,030,969 bytes)
  3. 20 fps, 4X9 (149,170,727 bytes)
  4. 20 fps, 4X9, chunk (107,495,251 bytes)